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You’re welcome to read more about my career history below, but I know you’re more interested in what I can offer your business. So, let me ask you one question: what kind of business does NOT need copy? None of them. Your business depends on words, because I can guarantee no one has ever magically found you through the power of osmosis.



Why copywriting?

Your customers will go through any number of steps before making a purchase or using a service, from that first Google search to putting a product in their basket or booking an appointment, and it’s all about how well you sell it. 

From engaging web copy to newsletters to charming checkout messaging, I can craft the words you need to encourage potential clients to spend their money with you. That leaves you with more time to, well, run your business.

Newspaper articles

Blogs written


Cups of tea

“Content is king” Sumner Redstone 

My Skills

I can write for start-ups, individuals and other businesses of all shapes and sizes. I’m even prepared to help build your content strategy from scratch. We can work on target audience, tone of voice, content type and devise a list of KPIs to help you achieve your business objectives. 

Yeah yeah yeah, but why should I choose you to write for my business?

I’m not going to persuade you that I’m better at writing than any other copywriter out there. We can all string words together after all – you just need to decide whose order you prefer.

If you know what you want to say, I know how to say it. I’d love to have a chat so we can discuss ideas. I’m even happy to have a quick scan of your existing copy and provide some top level thoughts as to how it could be improved or built upon. No obligation, promise.

So, how did I get here?

I knew writing was my ‘thing’ from a young age, though you wouldn’t have thought it if you looked at my early jobs as a lifeguard, fish and chip waitress, estate agent receptionist and barmaid. When I hit 18 I decided I wanted to give this writing thing a go and so left my beloved North Devon to study Journalism and International Relations at the University of Portsmouth for three years.

What came first, the chicken or the tortoise?

Though Portsmouth will always hold a piece of my heart, I belong in Devon and so it was here that I bagged my first ‘grown up’ job as a reporter at the North Devon Journal, where I worked my way up to chief reporter. For four years I frequented village halls attending council meetings, sat in courtrooms covering everything from drink driving to murders and met some of the weirdest, wackiest characters the area had to offer. One of my very first stories was about a doctor who gave the kiss of life to his tortoise, and that pretty much set the tone.

From tortoises to chickens, my next job saw me move into marketing at a local charity called the British Hen Welfare Trust. It was here I discovered what it feels like to really make a difference in a job. I learnt so much in the four years I spent with the charity and it was after leaving the BHWT that I decided to pursue a career in copywriting. And the rest is history…

(Well done if you’ve made it this far! You’re obviously serious about this copywriting lark, so the next step is to get in touch. Speak soon…)

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